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Working with artists in reclamation

Though we specialize in reclaiming lumber we like to work with other artists who recognize the value of reusing materials. One of those artists is Aaron Jackson. From his website, thinkoutside.biz, here is his bio:

The business was founded by Aaron Jackson, a jeweller and artist by profession, on one of his many trips through Africa searching for diamonds. On these trips he found something equally as precious, the natural talent of the African people. With this in mind, the range My Piece of Africa was born.

Driven by a number of factors, the two main ones being the desire to expand our product range into other areas of indoor/outdoor products combined with the constant decline of Zimbabwe’s political and economic situation, we started looking for a new location to expand our operations. Aaron wanted to find somewhere that fitted the same model as the Africa business, that was economically stable, training unskilled or limited skilled people into roles that will give them skills to have earning potential for the rest of their lives. Hence benefiting them and the community around them.

Taking all of these factors on board, Aaron opened up a new workshop in Vietnam. It fit the model perfectly, with a stable economic environment, with still very much a village mentality and style of living outside the major cities.

Our Vietnam workshop has now grown from strength to strength. We have been there for 6 years and expanded 3 times. We now operate out of three buildings and have over 300 staff and still growing!

We have expanded our ranges to include the now famous ee-i-ee-i-o range, BOB furniture, Tubefolk and more….

It’s been an amazing pleasure to partner with Aaron and sell his creations in our store. This weekend we are featuring his pieces and they are marked down 20% off the ticketed price!

By purchasing one of his reclaimed metal pieces of art you are supporting a mission that goes deep into the heart of reclamation. Not only is saving pieces of metal, or wood, about the piece itself but of the story it had and the story it recreates.

We at Old Wood would love to make you a part of our story. Come in today!

Shove Ha’penny

Alarm.com reached out and asked us to build them a custom shuffleboard table for their corporate office. Since we deal with reclaimed wood only we knew we would be challenged to create a regulation-worthy table using wood over 100 years old.

Before we unveil the finished product we thought you might like a little shuffleboard history from Wikipedia:

The full history of shuffleboard is not known. Though there is some knowledge of its development, its actual origins, the place and date where it was first played, remain a mystery. Inevitably, this uncertainty gives rise to some debate, even disagreement, about which country can claim to have invented it. However there is no dispute concerning its age as a form of popular amusement, and in Europe has a history that goes back over 500 years.

The game was played and gambled over by King Henry VIII of England, who prohibited commoners from playing; evidently he did not always win, as the record of royal expenses for 1532 show a payment from the Privy Purse of GB£9, ‘Paied to my lord Wylliam for that he wanne of the kinges grace at shovillaborde’ (today’s spelling: ‘Paid to Lord William, for he won, by the king’s grace, at shovelboard’).

In its goals, form and equipment, shuffleboard shares various features with (and perhaps influences by or upon) many other games, including air hockeybowlsboccecurlingcroquetcarrom and billiards. Historically, the ancient shovelboard, about which little is known, appears to have diverged into modern shuffleboard and sjoelen, and with the former leading to the development of both table shuffleboard and shove ha’penny.[1]

Today, due to its popularity on cruise ships and in retirement homes because of its low physical fitness requirements, the deck game is often associated with the elderly, though it is increasingly popular among younger generations. Its miniaturized tabletop variant is very popular in bars and pubs.

The table that we built is 16′ long with wood reclaimed from a barn in Massachusetts.

Let us know what you think in the comments!


Creating a new floor out of a dairy barn

We just had the pleasure of finishing a unique flooring job for the Archer Group in Wilmington, Delaware and now we can share it with you!

archer building
Archer Group in Wilmington, Delaware

The team at the Archer Group contacted us for a unique flooring solution for their new office space. Of course Old Wood was up to the challenge.

This chevron pattern floor is a beautiful addition to their facility. What makes this job unique isn’t just the flooring pattern. The floor has not been stained; this color is the original patina from the dairy barn where we reclaimed the wood.

The beauty of this floor was created through years of

chevron floor
Chevron Pattern Floor in Wilmington, Delaware

weathering and use. Our craftsmen did not mill the wood, only dried it and then sanded it once installed so that we could hand rub a matte polyurethane to protect the original mix and beauty of the reclaimed oak and poplar wood. 

Not only is this floor absolutely beautiful it’s full of history. You can’t get that from anywhere. But you CAN get it from Old Wood. Come in and check out our sample panels. You can have this wood installed in your home!

If you’re worried that you can’t have wood installed because you don’t have a wooden subfloor- NO WORRIES! This floor, because it was installed in a commercial multi-floor building, was glued onto concrete. With decades of experience our flooring experts can make your wood floor dreams a reality.