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Creating a new floor out of a dairy barn

We just had the pleasure of finishing a unique flooring job for the Archer Group in Wilmington, Delaware and now we can share it with you!

archer building
Archer Group in Wilmington, Delaware

The team at the Archer Group contacted us for a unique flooring solution for their new office space. Of course Old Wood was up to the challenge.

This chevron pattern floor is a beautiful addition to their facility. What makes this job unique isn’t just the flooring pattern. The floor has not been stained; this color is the original patina from the dairy barn where we reclaimed the wood.

The beauty of this floor was created through years of

chevron floor
Chevron Pattern Floor in Wilmington, Delaware

weathering and use. Our craftsmen did not mill the wood, only dried it and then sanded it once installed so that we could hand rub a matte polyurethane to protect the original mix and beauty of the reclaimed oak and poplar wood. 

Not only is this floor absolutely beautiful it’s full of history. You can’t get that from anywhere. But you CAN get it from Old Wood. Come in and check out our sample panels. You can have this wood installed in your home!

If you’re worried that you can’t have wood installed because you don’t have a wooden subfloor- NO WORRIES! This floor, because it was installed in a commercial multi-floor building, was glued onto concrete. With decades of experience our flooring experts can make your wood floor dreams a reality.